How Times have Changed in Almost 70 years of UK Aikido

" No matter your pretence, you are what you are, nothing more. " Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

I have studied at length with many high ranking Japanese teachers / Legends. Most memorable were Kenshiro Abbe - Mutsuro Nakazono - Kazuo Chiba . ( Tada - Kobayashi - Noro - K Williams -Ichimura - Tamura - Harada - Karate - T Otani - Kendo) Jei Nakazono.

I think back to a time when there were only five dan grades for Aikido in the whole of the UK, I was proud to be one of them.
I seriously never thought there would become a time when teachers would grade themselves or much more pathetic to be graded by their own students.
I can imagine when I was a child and all the kids in my class at school getting together to promote the teacher to `` Professor ` we would have got, and deserved a thrashing with the cane.

There are so many now calling themselves 7th or 8th dans and I believe some higher still. I have to ask the obvious question, do they really compare themselves to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Chiba Sensei to name a few ??
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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

       Kazuo Chiba Shihan 

The only Official Bio Book on the life of TK Chiba Shihan
Approved and authorized by the Chiba family. 
Publishers official release date  20th July  2019
Available on Amazon 
Order Now From Amazon Publishing  ISBN 9781696063432
Author Liese Klein Sensei
The new official history  ~ Chiba family approved Bio of TK Chiba Shihan 
Released on July 20th 2019
Paperback  537 pages of the incredible life of one of Osensei's most devoted direct students.
TK Chiba during his later years had many offers to write the story of his life in book form. 
Dave Rogers a  US journalist and newspaper Editor and Co-author of ` Positive Aikido`  was one of several writers/students that offered to document Sensei's life, Sensei said without further explanation he had no interest in a book of his lifes work.
I am sure I speak for many students world wide when I say we are grateful to Liese Klein Sensei and her collaboration with the Chiba family.  Liese  Klien traveled across the world in search of  early students of Chiba Sensei  to bring this great book of 537 pages to life, it truly is an historic piece of work.
The Last Samurai
This description has been used to describe many Japanese teachers over the years, In my over 60 years of  study and training of martial arts I do believe that Kazuo Chiba is more deserving of that title than any other Japanese teacher I have ever studied with.


 Founding of JuJutsu - Judo & Aikido in the United Kingdom  

Book Published by Amazon Publishing - release date 28/8/2020

Co-authored by Abdul Rashid and Henry Ellis

This is a recently released book by Amazon Publishing
Covering the development of the Martial Arts in the UK
From 1870 to 1970

Founding of Jujutsu, Judo & Aikido in the United Kingdom


The Book  " Positive Aikido "

A True Story of Traditional Teaching & Training

Co-authors  Dave Rogers - Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman.
Dave Rogers is a journalist and  the USA representative of  The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido

Ellis and Eastman were direct students of the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei
from 1957